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Advice from experts on pest control

PPCS are your accredited pest control experts. We are always on hand to provide friendly local solutions to pest problems in homes and businesses throughout the Midlands.

Why choose PPCS

As proud members of the British Pest Control Association, our in-depth experience and reliable service ensures all pest problems are expertly covered. Whether a residential or commercial setting, we have a solution to suit your requirements.

Qualified engineers

We know all pests require different treatments to control and eliminate them, so we tailor our service to every client and type of property.


We provide innovative and unique solutions that help resolve pest problems effectively and humanely and keep us one step ahead.

Discreet service

Our unbranded vehicles and out of hours service is designed to help protect your reputation whilst dealing with your pests.

Competitive pricing

Our prices vary depending on the species, location and size of the infestation but we offer a free call out service and highly competitive rates.

Your home or business

Our highly trained and knowledgable team will carry out a thorough domestic or commercial inspection and recommend suitable actions to be taken to treat and prevent pest infestations.


From restaurants, industrial centres and care homes, to public offices and food manufacturing sites, we help a range of businesses handle their pest problems.


Pests can damage your property and carry diseases. We can help control every type with our humane pest control solutions.

Our pest control

We can help get rid of all common pests with our fast, efficient and safe treatments, helping to protect you and your property from infestations that can cause damage and spread disease.


Rodents can cause health problems, and seriously damage your home or business. If you hear scratching or find droppings, get in touch for individually tailored treatments to eliminate rodents.


Wasps and bees can build nests and can be dangerous to handle without the right protective equipment. We can help control the problem and reduce the threat of being stung.


Ants, fleas, cockroaches and flies can cause a health risk to humans and infestations can cause damage to buildings. We can help eradicate these insects and avoid any risk of disease.

Any questions? Ask the experts!

Are you having issues with pests? Don’t waste time, get in touch now for fast, discreet humane treatment.

Call us on 01675 467783 or 07717 706 792, or send us an email on info@profpestcontrol.co.uk.